The Hofburg Gallery is located in the heart of Bressanone, where the old part of town has been an artistic and cultural hub for many years. Jakob Kompatscher and his family run the gallery and the accompanying bookbinders and frame manufacturing workshop.

Mr Kompatscher doesn’t just exhibit the work of local artists – his portfolio also consists of many well-known national and international names.

Uniting the traditional with the modern presents a new challenge each and every day. I always try to meet them with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication.

 (Jakob Kompatscher)

A passion for art doesn’t just mean dealing with works and selling them. It also involves guiding talented artists down the correct path, giving them the opportunity to grow and contribute to shaping the art market.

Artists like Angela Tripi; with her traditional art, Federico Romero Bayter; with his modern, urban paintings, or Shozo Shiamoto… the Hofburg Gallery represents artists of an international standard.

Jakob Kompatscher
27 years for art

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