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A warm welcome to Artportunity! If you’re an artist looking for new opportunities and contacts, you’ve come to the right place! Artportunity is a network especially for artists. The Hofburg Gallery in South Tyrol is looking to provide passionate artists with additional internet presence and, in turn, promote creativity and discover new forms of art. On Artportunity, you can display your artwork online and make it accessible to the rest of the network. To start, you just need to register here and log in. OK, you’re done! Start right away and put your first item together… upload your picture, select the category, give it a title, write a description and you’re done! When you’re finished, click on ‘Publish’.

Show your stuff!

Launched by the Hofburg Gallery in Bressanone, Artportunity is a network for artists and is currently looking for new talent. All artists that join will have the opportunity to present themselves online, to release new pieces and, therefore, to make their work more accessible to a wider audience.

Join us now and release your work

Artportunity is simple… just click on ‘Register’, fill out the registration form and wait for the confirmation e-mail. Click on the registration link, log in and put your items together. Upload your pictures and publish them.

Artportunity is more

You’re surely asking yourself why you should join us as well when there are so many other similar portals available for people like you. Artportunity is different as it’s run by the active and lively Hofburg Gallery that, through this scheme, wishes to appeal to new talent and make contact with artists.


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